Data Visualisation

Three JS Globe - Adds a marker for every visitor and unique location
Away 3D Globe - Flight path visualisation
Away 3D Globe - Global map of earthquakes for the past 30 days

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Kinect Experiments

Visualisation of midi data using a Kinect
Kinect visuals using a force map

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Audio Visualisation

Audio reactive boids
Audio reactive RSS visuals
Audio reactive lighting and a lot of cubes
Audio reactive visuals produced for a fashion show

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Boid simulation
Demo photo gallery

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Away 3D TypeScript - Demos

Demo: OBJ loader
Demo: AWD Parser
Demo: Primitives

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Away 3D TypeScript - Development Tests

Wireframe Primitives
AWD Parser - Suzanne
OBJ Parser - T800
Specular Lighting
Diffuse Lighting
Resizable View3D

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